As I look back to last year this time, we had no idea what the future would bring. Had we known, would we have done anything differently? I like to think that we would all be certainly more prepared for what was to come. I am grateful that I made sure Ray and I were always diligent when it came to providing our immune systems strong support on a daily basis. Staying healthy has certainly taken a front seat during this present time.

Another decision I made many years ago has helped us during this time as well. Looking back, I remember the day well. Although my husband was very happy in his job as a design consultant for small shoe stores all over the country, I was still struggling with what I would do with the rest of my life since all the children had left home. I wanted to fill my life with something purposeful but not sure what. I was always interested in health and nutrition and as a result, found myself managing a school cafeteria, thinking I could bring good nutrition to young people. I soon found out that the school policies were such that changes could not happen that quickly. It was at that time that I began to have some severe health issues perhaps due to the stress of the job which resulted in my having to leave the job. It was that occurence in my life that brought me to a decision that has made all the difference in the years to follow.

I was introduced to health products at this time that turned my health around, so much so that soon family and friends were asking me what I was doing to create such a difference. So I began sharing. And then I found myself not only much healthier, but interested in an opportunity that is now giving Ray and I an extra income over our Social Security benefits since he has retired. At that time I never thought of it as protection in our senior years, but healthwise and finanially, that is what has happened.

I just listened to a couple whose lives were changed as well by a simple decision. They had 2 successful businesses but realized those businesses were taking them away from their family. They made the decision to sell both of the businesses and accept the same opportunity that I had chosen so many years ago. As a result, they were able to work their own hours, spend quality time with their children and build something that can be passed down generation to generation. They just recently went by the brick and mortar businesses that they had given up so many years ago and found them both boarded up because of the pandemic. Little did they know years ago that this would ever happen.

I would love to share with you an opportunity to just take a look at what I am talking about ~ perhaps you have never thought about a side gig or plan “b” for your future but we never know what is ahead. Just go here for more information. I would love to connect with you and help you protect your future, no matter what is in store for us.

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