Slow Aging at the Cellular Level

Category: Healthy Aging

We all want to feel younger and live longer. Researchers across the world have spent billions in research dollars to help us do just that.  Much of the research has […]

Purpose of Gratitude

Category: Positivity

When my family was taking a break from screen life and enjoying nature this past week, I spotted this beautiful tree and took a picture of it. It was not […]

The Dangers of Sitting Too Much

Category: Exercise

Does this look familiar?  We all know that families all over the world, because of the Covid-19 Pandemic, are literally on their computers non-stop with online jobs, schools functioning only […]

A Landscape Forever Changed

Category: Plan "B"

Someone asked me the other day if I thought things would ever go back to being the same, the same of course being gathering together as families, working in normal […]

Adding Years To Your Life

Category: Positivity

Since this blog is focused on healthy living, I felt obliged to include this as one of my posts since relaxing and spending some stress-free time is always a positive […]

Pay Cuts ~ Is This Affecting You?

Category: Earn Online

Labor Department figures show that in April, the vast majority of unemployed Americans ~ 18 million ~ said they were on temporary layoff or furlough. Although 40% have returned to […]