Concerned about staying safe from the Coronavirus? Of course, it begins with washing your hands….often. I have started doing just that every time I return home from being out somewhere, no matter what. I have just purchased an Immunity Bundle and am very excited to share it with you. It strengthens your immune system, helps you wash up and keep clean and kills germs and viruses, and includes the following:

  1. Nutriferon ~ specialized, daily immune support to help maintain healthy immune function. The proprietary blend of four plant extracts is designed to naturally increase levels of interferon and provide immune support at the cellular level.
  2. Vitalized Immunity ~ An on-the-go boost of Vitamin C ~ provides the nutritional support your immune system needs to stay strong and contains as much vitamin C as 16 oranges!
  3. Optiflora D1 ~ strengthens digestive and immune health ~ probiotic clinically proven for digestive and immune health. At least 70% of our immune system is in our gut ~ Adds good bacteria to the gut, supporting immune health.
  4. Defend and Resist Complex ~ Supercharge your immune system ~ it helps to stimulate the body’s natural resistance with Echinacea purpurea and helps to maintain a healthy immune response with black elderberry.
  5. Get Clean Hand Wash Concentrate & Dispenser ~ Keep Safe, Green, and Clean ~ clean hands are one of the best defenses against disease. Keep your hands clean and soft with a hand wash that is mild, sudsy, and moisturizing.
  6. Basic G Germicide & Spray Bottle ~ Kills germs and viruses! Powerful multipurpose germicide to disinfect, clean, and deodorize. Effective against 30 types of bacteria and 26 types of viruses, including human coronavirus. An excellent choice for use in the kitchen, bathroom, or any hard, nonporous surfaces.

Prevention is the key here ~When I posted this, our pack was still available; however, with heavy demands, it was sold out. Shaklee has now just launched a special Immunity Pack which includes FREE membership, FREE shipping AND a FREE Nutriferon (which is a clinically-tested phytonutrient blend shown in laboratory studies to naturally increase interferon at the cellular level ~ scientists and medical communities have identified interferon as being crucial to healthy immune function), along with 30 days of our Life Shake and a 30 day supply of Vitalizer, advanced nutrition based on 12 clinical studies, all for just $159! Ask me about it 🙂

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