With Alzheimer’s Disease affecting over 5 million Americans and newest estimates that 46 million more Americans will suffer from this disease, the slightest suggestion that there is something that can help prevent it catches our attention.

A recent study, published in the journal, Neurology, support the idea that exercise and other activity give the brain an extra resilience and what’s called cognitive reserve — extra resources that the brain can call on to keep memory and thinking clear even as brain cells die.

And even more exciting ~ there was not a set amount of exercise that seemed to matter. There was just a clear association: the more people moved around, the better they scored on a battery of memory and thinking tests.

According to Dr. Aron Buchman of Rush University Medical Center in Chicago, “We were measuring total daily activity, so we were measuring both exercise and routine daily activity. Older people who can’t get out of the house to go to the gym … can still accrue some of the cognitive reserve and benefit by increasing whatever activity they are already doing,” Buchman said. 

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