A Landscape Forever Changed

Category: Plan "B"

Someone asked me the other day if I thought things would ever go back to being the same, the same of course being gathering together as families, working in normal […]

Adding Years To Your Life

Category: Positivity

Since this blog is focused on healthy living, I felt obliged to include this as one of my posts since relaxing and spending some stress-free time is always a positive […]

The Perfect Storm

Category: Healthy Weight

During these last four months being asked to stay at home, have you put on extra weight? For myself, I would have to say yes. And then for those of […]

A Teacher’s Dilemma

Category: Plan "B"

Are you one of the many teachers presently concerned about the reopening of schools this August? Crucial questions about how schools will stay clean in the midst of the Coronavirus […]

Invest in Your Future

Category: Earn Online

For the past 26 years I have been working from home ~ something that now has become the new norm for many businesses. Before the pandemic I was always aware […]