Every day our bodies are attacked from stress, poor nutrition, pollution, and fatigue, all of which can constantly challenge our immune systems.  A strong immune system can help us fight off environmental challenges and help keep us all healthy.

In 1954 Dr. Yashuhiko Kojima, a world-renowned immunologist, first discovered interferon while he was conducting research at Tokoyo University.  After 40 years of painstaking research testing hundreds of natural compounds, he developed a unique blend of  four powerful plant extracts that boosts the body’s natural production of interferon.

Interferon has long been identified by scientists and medical communities as being crucial to healthy immune function.  Dr. Kojima’s product is the only dietary supplement in the U.S. that naturally increases the production of interferon in the body.  Providing immune support right at the cellular level, this product is potent-yet-safe.  It has been subjected to a stringent set of scientific tests for safety, purity, potency, and performance.

Here is an explanation of how Interferon works in our system by Dr. Bruce B. Miller, DDS, CNS

When a virus enters a cell the cell releases a chemical messenger called interferon.

1.       Interferon does two things.

a)       It tells other cells how to defend against this virus.

b)       It stimulates cells called macrophages to multiply and get active.

2.       Meanwhile the virus is multiplying in the invaded cell.

a)       When the cell gets loaded with new viral particles—it explodes releasing more particles into the body to invade other cells.

3.       The newly released viral particles are in for  two surprises.

a)       The exploding infected cell is surrounded by macrophages which “eat” up viral particles.

b)       Other cells in the area are more resistant to viral invasion.

4.       Most of the time a viral infection can be stopped at this stage.

What if a cell is low in interferon when the invasion occurs?

1.       The interferon output is low, weak and there is a time lag.

a)       There is a delay and a weak signal telling the other cells how to defend against the virus.

b)         The macrophages receive a late and feeble signal.

2.       During the time lag the virus is replicating rapidly in the infected cell.

a)       The infected cell bursts releasing millions of new viral particles.

b)       Macrophages are few and weak and many particles escape.

3.      The other cells fall to invasion because they do not know how to defend against this virus.

4.       This is a chain reaction.

5.       You become ill.

Dr. Kojima’s product  increases the production of your own natural interferon.

1.       If a cell has a “full tank” of interferon, it seems to me that it would be better able to battle a viral invasion.

My husband and I have taken this product for many years and can safely say our immune systems are very strong.  Hope you consider trying this natural approach.  What about you?  How do you prepare for the flu season?   Learn more about this product at this link on my wellness site.

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