Our extended family are all on our annual trek to Lake Lure (about 25 minutes from Ashville) ~ we all rent houses and spend a week at this incredibly beautiful place.  It is a great place for families.

I did not want to miss posting on my blog and while I was relaxing I found an amazing list of 10 Thoughts on Whole Living done in September, 2005 in the Whole Living ~  Body and Soul Magazine ~ a magazine I heartily recommend, by the way.  Enjoy!


10 Thoughts on Whole Living


  1. Imagination is a sense, not a gift.  We all have the inner genius to create.
  2. Touch is a powerful healing tool; use it lovingly and often.
  3. Think of money as energy; use it to empower, not control, your life.
  4. A simple cup of tea can teach us the importance of ritual.
  5. Give deeply ~ whether it is noticed or not.
  6. Find something sacred in your day, every day.
  7. A daily walk can reengage your body and mind.
  8. Before summer’s end, connect your soul to the earth with a healthy, bountiful feast.
  9. Allow your body to unwind every evening.
  10. Passion does not get lost ~ just abandoned.  It’s never too late to find it again.


    The only addition I would add to this is:

    Make an annual trek to Lake Lure with you and your loved ones!

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