As we begin to celebrate this Thanksgiving season and give thanks for our family and friends and all the blessings we have been given throughout the past year, I thought it would be very appropriate to draw attention to a wonderful organization, Bread for the World.

This organization is asking each one of us to simply sign a pledge to help improve the lives of millions of hungry children around the world.

Nearly one in four children in the United States lives in a family that struggles to put food on the table.  Bread for the World is growing a strong movement of compassionate advocates to speak out on behalf of hungry and poor people everywhere.

I signed the pledge.  How about you?

While we are on the subject check out this website for a daily reminder about gratefulness.

Thankfulness is the beginning of gratitude. Gratitude is the completion of thankfulness. Thankfulness may consist merely of words. Gratitude is shown in acts. ~Henri Frederic Amiel


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