I just read an interesting article regarding individuals leaving the workplace during these Covid19 times to seek a life more fulfilling and with more purpose. Having the time to reflect, suddenly many have found that their lives can take on more meaning by finding different vocations. YOLO, an acronym for “you only live once” has pushed individuals, particularly millennials, into passion projects or starting their own businesses. The Times reports they’re emboldened and more risk-tolerant because they have in-demand skills, have saved up during the crisis and their assets have soared in value.

A recent poll conducted by LinkedIn found that two-thirds of respondents had either left their jobs in the past year to pursue a “passion project” or were considering doing so. In Boston, a quarter of the professionals polled said the pandemic has made them want to pursue more fulfilling jobs, according to a survey by the staffing agency Robert Half.

In my recent blog, Do You Work From Home, USA Today showed in a graph that 68% of workers preferred staying at home and not making that commute and 63% preferred more flexible hours. According to a recent study, more than 40% of workers are considering changing jobs this year. Could it be that the whole emotional toll of Covid with its fear, dread, anxiety and burnout has fueled this? Perhaps we all needed a time to slow down and literally smell the flowers.

It is interesting that so many jobs now can be digital. When I chose to do what I do so many years ago I never realized what an important decision that was for me. As the quote above says, “You are only a decision away from a totally different life” little did I know that what I chose would be something that not only would give me meaning and purpose but allow me to work leisurely at my own hours, from my own home, and work with people I enjoy working with. My previous employment certainly did not give me that freedom nor the chance to earn more, depending upon the work I put into it. I was certainly that “entrepreneur in hiding”!

As I look back, I wonder had I not made the decision that I did, where would I be? What would it have cost me in time, money and resources? And what has it allowed me to be, to do, to have and to make? For starters, I never imagined 26 years ago that I would be concerned about just living on Social Security benefits. I just never thought about the time when my husband would stop bringing in a paycheck. Now, here we are with just that ~ but fortunately, our income is enhanced because I made that wise decision to launch myself. And it has given me the resources of not only great health products which we take on a daily basis but also great company as the people that are involved with me are all of the same mindset – to help others succeed and turn healthcare into well care. So I am now in a position to grow and to have an income that has no ceiling providing I continue to share with others the benefits. I remember someone telling me when I first began, “You will never make it with that company ~ you are not an entrepreneur.” Fortunately, I did not listen and continued my journey.

A very informative YouTube Video gives an interesting definition of an entrepreneur here.

Where are you on your journey in life? Are you perhaps that entrepreneur in hiding? Wherever your path leads you, I wish you much success. Please feel free to connect with me if you would like to know about the path I have been on. I would love to share it with you. It is an opportunity that I am so happy I did not let pass me by.

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